Our aim at W I N K L A S H E S , is to provide lash lovers all over Australia with TOP QUALITY, 100% ANIMAL CRUELTY FREE, AFFORDABLE FALSE LASHES, whilst still being chic and glamourous. Our long term goal is to provide a range which is based around quality and affordability. A range that is dedicated to "Glamourising your Eyes".   Our W I N K L A S H E S range are all hand crafted using only quality materials, designed to give you a more fuller, natural and youthful look.
With the proper care, can be used numerous times.

"We want women to feel EMPOWERED, BEAUTIFUL and CONFIDENT when wearing our products"

Complete your look and feel Polished, Fierce and Glamourous. ​ Stand out in a crowded room.
Our influence and inspiration comes from our timeless and beautiful Iconic bombshells throughout history, aswell as 'Love and Self-Development' through our daily lives. We want to be able to create a range that is beautiful yet affordable .

We believe some of the greatest conversations happen with the eyes.


W I N K   L A S H E S 

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